About Us

At Iowa Home Crafters, we offer a complete, thoughtful, and responsible approach to all our building projects. We take pride in providing our clients with homes that embody the Five Areas of Responsible Construction: high quality workmanship, thoughtful design, environmental responsibility, energy efficiency and healthy living.

Iowa Home Crafters began as David Hade Construction in August of 1989. In 2004, our name changed to Iowa Home Crafters acknowledging the vital role played by all our team members in each of our projects. This was also the year that we articulated the Five Areas of Responsible Construction as our guiding principles. In 2019 David Hade entered partial retirement, passing ownership of the company to Chaden Halfhill, an experienced and talented home designer and builder. David remains engaged at Iowa Home Crafters in an advisory role and working with clients.

Our Team

Chaden Halfhill
Owner, Designer, Customer Relations
Matt Burgason
Sales, Customer Relations

Dave Rogotzke
Project Manager, Carpenter
James Tungesvick
Crew Member, Framer
David Hade
Founder, Advisor, Customer Relations
Craig Holden
Shop Steward, Cabinetmaker

Tim Mitchell
Crew Leader, Framing Carpenter
James Mitchell
Crew Member, Framer
Weldon Abarr
Former Owner, Spiritual Adviser
Chad Eells
Book Keeper, Wood Carver,
Sawyer, Energy Auditor
Dave Hayes
Crew Member, Finish Flooring
Garrett Elrod
Crew Member, Framer


Over the years we have developed trusted relationships with these subcontractors and are proud to call them part of our team.

  • Watson Plumbing – Kevin Watson
  • TPC Electric Company – Tim Shill
  • Ames Heating and Cooling – Brody Linder
  • Mullenbach Construction – Jon Mullenbach
  • Charlson Painting – Craig Charlson
  • Milam Concrete – Terri Milam
  • Custom Carpentry – Chad Eells


We are members of:

Center on Sustainable Communities Energy Star Partner U.S. Green Building Council Member Ames Home Builders Association
www.icosc.com www.energystar.gov www.usgbc.org www.ameshomebuilders.com