Lumber Milling

Iowa Home Crafters has the unique ability to mill and process its own wood for use in our projects. We also offer some woods for sale to the general public as well as custom milling and drying.
Our logs come to us as a result of tree damage, blow down, death or tree service removal. None of our wood is cut just for the lumber.

Every log we acquire is numbered and its history recorded in our Log log. As we saw the log we code each board so we can tell you the story of each piece of wood – where it came from, why it was turned into boards and how old it was.

From the saw mill the wood is stickered and set out to air dry for at least six months. From there the wood goes into our solar/wood heated kiln to be carefully brought down to the proper moisture content.
The wood is then sorted for quality. The best pieces are used in our projects or offered for sale to the general public. All scraps from the milling are used to heat the kiln in the winter months. We use the entire log!

Give us a call if you’re having a tree removed that you think may have the potential to become a beautiful piece of custom work.